Free Related Quotes

“If we'd finished shots on some of our opportunities and made some more free throws, we'd have had some breathing room at the end. But we let some no-calls bother us and missed too many free throws until Seth hit those two big ones.”

Ray Funk

“It's a free-market system. We were competing with all the conferences, and Saturdays were the most problematic.”

Doug Elgin

“The set-top boxes originally cost about 200 pounds each and it wasn't until the pay subscription channels offered free set-top boxes with sign-up that the digital terrestrial television format became something that users were interested in.”

Patrick Von Sychowski

Unless we agree to suffer we cannot be free from suffering.

D.t. Suzuki

“When he comes back, it's going to be like picking up a free agent at midseason. We'll try to get him oriented to the system. Obviously he'll help provide something we didn't have the day before. Other than that, we might be going till December without him. I don't think about it. I never have a discussion about it until I'm talking to [members of the media]. Other than that, nobody else discusses it. My wife doesn't ask me about it.”

Al Groh

“The Gatorland guys worked their hearts out, ... They worked free of charge and the conditions were rough. They've been away from home and they were tired, so I'll give them that. But they didn't catch the gator.”

Janice Hahn

Sin claims to free but in fact it kills.

Mark Dever

No one is free who does not lord over himself.


The man is free who is protected from injury.

Daniel Webster

“We were looking to get some free passes but we ended up getting hits. What was impressive was the bottom of our order started us off.”

Steve Antich