Free Related Quotes

“Not at all, because I've proven I haven't been able to be caught from behind once I break free. That's something I'm not really worried about.”

Santonio Holmes

Free speech is life itself.

Salman Rushdie

“I knew they were gonna bring somebody in, whether it be a draft pick or a free agent. But in my mind I was the only guy here, ... Every day I competed against myself. I didn't compete against the guy next to me.”

Drew Brees

“Nothing was falling the first three quarters. I guess the free-throw line was the best way I could contribute.”

Abby Green

“He had a free spirit. He was so far-reaching, he's ... the person who likes the wind in his hair.”

Carlotta Leon Guerrero

“That really sparked us. We got up about 13-14 points and we missed some free throws, but it was never in doubt once we got that big lead.”

Dale Reed

You are free, you just don't know it" ~Michael to Sarah

Francine Rivers

?He's very solid around the free-throw line at the high post. But he also understands that our opponents and who's in the game for us will dictate his role on the floor. He's a guy who can get in a zone and be great offensively at different positions.?

Barry Gebhart

Free societies are societies in motion, and with motion comes friction.

Salman Rushdie

The truth will set you free. Unless you're guilty.

Keith Ablow