Freezer Related Quotes

“It was a Godsend that the freezer was ready to go just a month before the hurricanes. I was so pleased with the food bank's response.”

Robert Bush

“Our products hit the freezer directly from the oven. The freezer nips them at once. After one meter they've already stopped giving off moisture, and moisture is critical for product quality. In the freezer they're surface-frozen in seconds, instead of 10 minutes.”

Christer Ögren

“I am somewhat concerned with this. It felt like I had my thumb stuck in a freezer. I couldn't tell if my thumb was even on the right spot on the ball. It got to the point where I was constantly thinking about it. You can't have that going on.”

Chris Young

“It used to be, some researcher in Florida had 60 samples in his freezer, then another guy in Utah had some in his. Now we're talking about a massive, massive scale.”

Kathy Hudson

“When you hot as a oven, they embrace you with open arms. When you cold as a freezer. n*****rs treat you like they don't need ya.”

Lloyd Banks

“We too have a fridge and even a freezer.”

Romano Prodi

“There are meals now in the freezer for my dad, labeled for each day for the week she'll be gone.”

Cheryl O'brien