Freshman Related Quotes

?I got involved in the garage sale three years ago when my older son Brian was a freshman. I enjoy garage sales and flea markets, and I get to meet some great ladies.?

Barbara Diskin

“I mean, we had a freshman quarterback in there, ... They all did a great job.”

Denton Fox

“That's not bad for a freshman. The two he walked were in the fifth. We threw one of them out trying to steal and we turned a double play to get the other one.”

Ed Yates

“He threw a complete game win and you can't ask anymore for a freshman. Cain did a wonderful job of keeping the hitters off balance and getting ahead in the count It was his second good performance his first one was in relief against Oglethorpe.”

Eric Etchison

“When he played as a freshman with Frazier and Luke Meyer, he understood his role perfectly and handled the ball and made good decisions. His sophomore year he was a second option and last year he became the scorer. This year ... he's got a D-1 physique right now. He's probably the most complete player we've seen so far. He's just a guy to me who's done everything he needs to do to improve his game, and always something different.”

Kevin Walsh

“The committee chair would have killed the bill to teach me a lesson of the impertinence of a freshman introducing policy. Or, if the chair really liked my bill, they'd strip my name off and put theirs onto it, before moving it out of committee. Or I'd have never have sent the bill for a hearing. What wouldn't have happened is for a bill to pass out of committee with my name on it.”


“I never had a freshman shake my hand, look me in the eye, and tell me I'm ready to go. He has been just a man amongst boys for four years here. You can see he's limping and he still had a quality game. He's been a tremendous role model for anyone who wants to play basketball here.”

Rob Mileski

“When I first saw her as a freshman that day, I knew she belonged. It was never a question with her. She was extremely confident.”

Dave Klingel

“We have an 'older' club this year. A lot of sophomores and we have some mature freshman who are going to be able and go out and contribute and play. [They will] contribute in a lot of ways to help this team out, to compete to win the Jayhawk West again, compete for the Region VI Final and compete for a national title.”

Chris Finnegan

“He's a real laid-back guy. Trey had a tremendous freshman year, so now he's no longer going under the radar. Everybody knows who he is and what his weakness are, and they're going to pound those weakness.”

Marc Maddox