Freshmen Related Quotes

“The Spring Fling is a great opportunity to finally get off campus, especially for freshmen, and have a great night with friends.”

Christina Valvano

“We started six freshmen against South, and they won it all last year. You have to take a look at the big picture.”

Eric Dearborn

“Players love the style of play we play here. Freshmen get an opportunity to come in and play. The coaching staff is just great -- they're jumping around, they're in your face. And you're in L.A. -- who wouldn't want to come to L.A.?”

Will Poole

“Their freshmen stepped up for them.”

Dave Baeten

“Danielle has come up huge for us all year. Our freshmen are one of the reasons why we're here right now. If someone is struggling, we have a lot of weapons.”

Charli Turner Thorne

“They're not freshmen out there. They've really played wonderful. I take my hat off to them.”

Rodney Carney

“We've got to throw the freshmen into the fire because they're going to be very good before it's over. I know they're our future on the mound and they're only going to get better by going out against good people in a regional-type atmosphere like we'll see this weekend.”

Wade Simoneaux

“I woke in my house, which borders the campus, and I walked outside where all the freshmen are moving into their dorms. About five minutes later, I hear that Tulane is closing down, so they let the freshmen move their stuff in the dorms and then evacuated the campus immediately.”

Eric White

“They do a great job on the outlet. Those freshmen are really the key to what they do. Nearly half of their points occurred off transition.”

Randy Yoder

“I'm really proud of our freshmen. They played really well today. This was a good win today, but we still have two more games to go this weekend.”

Corky Palmer