Friday Related Quotes

“We played a whole lot better than Friday. Hopefully, we've got that bad game out of our system.”

Greg Watkins

“The golden child, the superhero and the welcome wagon is in, it’s week-end! Everything fabulous that can happen is already programmed. The blueprint is already there; embrace your “You” ness. Confidence is beautiful! You mustn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, darling. Yes, weekend.”

Lily Chatterjee

“Sewage started to be dumped, as you know, Friday. By Saturday, they had taken readings, and by Sunday, they had every readings, and yet for whatever reason there was no posting in the Hilton Hawaiian Village beach area where they were until the day after she had been surfing.”

Rick Fried

“The winner of the meet may do so based on what happens Friday in the preliminaries. It's about getting to the finals and to the inside lanes.”

Craig Harris

“Everything in the documents that have been passed over to the parties on Thursday and Friday ... had been talked about in advance, ... Everything had been negotiated in advance, ... including the question of the makeup of the future government.”

Nicholas Burns

“He's a gent from Monday to Friday... then on Saturday, out comes the beast.”

Paul Ince

“I think on Friday we didn't come out as ready as we came out (Sunday). Friday was kind of like a warm-up for us and hopefully it only took us one game to realize that we need to come out harder next time, and that's what we did, we came out harder and got things done today.”

Lauren Brown

“Of course I miss it, there?s nothing like the adrenaline rush of coaching on Tuesday and Friday nights. But I also sleep a lot better on Tuesdays and Fridays now.”

Jack Ford

“We started last Friday against Southeast with four district games in a row. We had to win them all to be the No. 1 or No. 2 seed in the district. The guys really hit the ball well (Tuesday night) and backed up our pitching.”

Craig Faulkner

“We are excited to host the first Fizzy Fruit Friday and believe Fizzy Fruit will teach kids that eating healthy and being active can be a lot of fun. Fizzy Fruit is a wonderful addition to our school lunch menu.”

Dan Wood