Front Related Quotes

“There's a garden view from every window. It's like coming in the front door of a house.”

Karen Carney

“The coldest of the air associated with this front is going to slide off to the southeast, so it's not going to drop straight south into Texas.”

Mark Lenz

“That's backing into applications, rather than approaching by the front door,”

Steve Cole

“I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.”

Dorothy Parker

“What could I do? I had nothing, I felt so ashamed in front of that scene, ... I gave her husband a bunch of Indian money.”

Don Mccullin

“We were asked to put in two trees and plant grass in front of the building. Not only did we dig out asphalt and plant grass in the front of the building with topsoil, but we put three trees out in front. We're going beyond the bounds of what the board asked us to do.”

Patrick Evans

“So I went and knocked on the front door, and when I did, I noticed that there was heat emanating from the front door.”

Peter Salinas

“I came into a situation in Minnesota where I had two great backs in front of me, and I just really took the back seat and learned and waited for my time. It's the same thing I'm thinking about doing here.”

Laurence Maroney

“It's going to be a huge battle up front and it's important to dominate in that area.”

Andy Robinson

“It was a huge battle; it was technical. You wanted to stay up front and out of the crashes. Everybody wanted to be there, so it was full gas and no holding back.”

Levi Leipheimer