Fundamentals Related Quotes

“In the thinking of most analysts, based on the fundamentals, there certainly is enough out there that the Fed should keep going, at least at this meeting.”

Carl Tannenbaum

“The fundamentals in Japan are favorable. We can expect shares to rise higher.”

Mitsushige Akino

“We're focusing on the fundamentals. We can't change things because of the team we face. We have to keep it simple.”

Craig Mortensen

“It's not surprising crude fell after such a strong rise in gasoline stocks. Once again it highlights that the fundamentals are really pretty weak.”

Gerard Burg

“I don't think it reflects fundamentals,”

Ryutaro Hashimoto

“There is some prospect of fundamentals easing modestly this year. There could be more spare capacity this year than last year.”

David Fyfe

“The economic fundamentals consistent with what's being priced into the government bond market is an economy that's on the brink of recession.”

William Prophet

“This is one of the most challenging periods for markets I've seen in a while. Short-term fundamentals are improving, but socio-political overtones are pulling people away from the positives. Even with closing a little higher, today's (Wednesday) activity was just an extension of what we've seen the whole week.”

Ned Riley

“Basically, the yen rate is not misaligned with economic fundamentals,”

Heizo Takenaka

“They have solid fundamentals up and down the lineup. You can't take anything for granted.”

Ken Engelke