Further Related Quotes

“The market is having second thoughts about the need for further Federal Reserve rate hikes following Friday's weak employment report.”

Marc Chandler

“He's a lot further ahead than he was last year. Sometimes you don't have the command you want early in the game, but he made the adjustment. As the game went on, he got pretty good.”

Rick Anderson

“At ISU, we provide more opportunities for our scholars to further their education and to become the best teachers that they can possibly be.”

Dakota Pawlicki

“If they don't follow the rules there may not be any choice in the future but to do further restrictions.”

Carol Majeske

“There are some worries about inflation in the U.S. and the possibility of further rate hikes. Because of those concerns and the slide in U.S. shares, investors in Japan will likely take some profits.”

Yutaka Miura

“We're not expecting a panicky financial market meltdown or much further dollar weakness.”

David Malpass

“This year's budget marks the meeting of the goal of the Building Department to include further automation of our permit and inspections systems to allow online access to the community,”

Scott Williams

“It's not the kind of publishing we want to do. Further, we are supporters of the president.”

Army Archerd

“We strongly oppose Iran proceeding with any further enrichment-related activities.”

Sean Mccormack

“There is no ambiguity here. It's beyond question the courts may not issue an injunction prohibiting further reporting in this case.”

Peter Scheer