Further Related Quotes

“I never had any problems finding credit. I thought their (the banks') readiness to extend me further credit was in recognition of my ability as a businessman.”

Calisto Tanzi

“The global problem of uneven development is increasingly salient as the gap between the North and South is further widening. There are financial turbulence from time to time and new manifestations of trade barriers and protectionism. We must strengthen international cooperation to seize opportunities and meet challenges together so as to promote balanced and orderly development of the world economy.”

Hu Jintao

“If they don't follow the rules there may not be any choice in the future but to do further restrictions.”

Carol Majeske

“He gave me a brilliant feeling the whole way. We were further back than we wanted to be but he was always going so well.”

Paul Carberry

?In all, the disputes serve as further notice, if needed, that the Atlantic refining system is operating on the edge at the moment.?

Barclays Capital

“Once they take those steps, then we would be prepared to talk further.”

Scott Mcclellan

“This level of investment makes Pinnacle a major force in the renewal of downtown St. Louis, and it will further strengthen our market position,”

Daniel Lee

“Further developing Sino-ROK relations serves the fundamental interests of both countries and both peoples,”

Wu Bangguo

“The market sees very little opposition from Japan so that opens the way for further declines in the yen. The yen is looking vulnerable across the board.”

Niels From

“The further out the less stressed, but everyone was affected.”

Roger Peak