Further Related Quotes

“Our membership has been very explicit. They don't want to go any further back in the rankings. They want to maintain what their colleagues in different school districts are making. They want to feel good about it. They want to feel like they're valued.”

Ruth Williams

“Near 5-year highs, it's quite hard to see what drives it further from here.”

Rob Sellar

“It felt good to have two at-bats like that to start the season and move further along.”

Lance Niekro

“We did a great job of getting out and pressuring them. We made them catch it a little further out, which made them a little uncomfortable.”

Norm Roberts

“They remember what happened. They want to get back there and go even further.”

Paul Cates

“We've got to be careful that he doesn't hit a wall further down the line.”

Colin Clarke

“This is another opportunity for all the stakeholders to further develop and implement cleaner technologies. This next round of EPA funding will continue to stimulate innovation and collaboration, accelerating the pace toward cleaner air.”

Wayne Nastri

“It is becoming clear that we are rapidly approaching the point at which further waiting would be futile.”

Peter Kalikow

“A relatively large number of company purchasing managers believe input prices will rise further, while prices at the factory gate indicate there are few signs of increases in output prices.”

Zhang Liqun

“We care about the kids and we want them to have opportunities and options to further their careers. And there's not a better feeling out there than seeing a kid 10 years from now successful with a college degree and knowing he used football to help him get it.”

Daryl Patton