Game Related Quotes

“He went out there and he battled. He was truly battle-tested for the whole game. And to me, it shows a sign of a true corner to have the mentality that he had to go out there and continue to play the whole game.”

Aaron Glenn

I'm a video game fan, and I always thought it would be cool to be able to control a character.

Shia Labeouf

“Before the game, at half-time, he shook my hand and he hugged me. That is the kind of friendship he and I have. We are close. We are both very, very close.”

Danny Maestas

“This was a big game for us and I hope it serves as a springboard to more region wins. It was just a great team effort.”

Charles Mancil

Matrimony is the only game of chance the clergy favor.

Emily Murphy

“I know what happened in that game, but I'm not even going there.”

Will Allen

“She has a great medium-range game.”

Mark Senftner

“Both Skip Ging and Cody Probst had good nights and were probably our players of the game.”

Dave Moran

“It was a good physical defensive game. It was kind of unfortunate that someone had to loose, but I'm glad it was them and not us.”

Andrew Storms

“At the moment it's what I call a game of chicken. We don't want to move until we know what the threshold, what the tariff cuts are going to be.”

Mari Pangestu