Game Related Quotes

“The beginning of the game backed us into a corner. UD got us into bad field position and then built up a lead. They were able to play downhill for most of the game with us fighting to get back to midfield.”

Carroll Mccray

You play to win the game...Hello. You play to win the game.

Herman Edwards

“She did a good job of staying patient and not getting frustrated. She let the game come to her, which is the mark of a veteran player.”

Andrew Booth

“This was a big division game. We were playing not just for the division but for the wild-card spot. If we lose to them, then we're tied for second in the division.”

Steve Weber

“It was an evenly matched game. It could have gone either way, but a win is a win and we will take it.”

Heidi Gwynn

“He's fit, and he's excited about his game, and he's playing well. I'm not surprised. Tom's a competitor. He wants to – he's like Tom Kite when he was Ryder Cup captain. He wants to make the team and screw everything up.”

Davis Love Iii

“There's no strategy; we go to the front and improve our position. He's staying on top of his game. We've been lucky.”

Sal Gonzalez

“I would say our will to win, our belief in ourselves when the game is getting tight. Last year, we were in a lot of close games but for whatever reason we just didn't find ways to win them.”

Chris Simms

“Every day, every practice, every game I feel more comfortable. It was a little difficult at the start (after the trade), but the guys have been real receptive.”

Wayne Primeau

“It was kinda crazy going back and forth. We were working the inside-outside game, and when they doubled down we got open shots.”

Lewis Jackson