Gas Related Quotes

“The properties being contemplated are the gas station on the corner, the surplus property being used for Able Construction and the property formerly owned by Charles Jackson. Basically, everything to the left of Balsam.”

David Thompson

“It's going to cost the average household $600 more a year just to put gas in their car. Ticket prices for things at Wal-Mart and Target. Ticket prices for airplanes. Ticket prices for just about everything are going to go up.”

David Swenson

“They know they're sitting on a ton of gas and they're dying to develop it. They can't do it by themselves, and sanctions that prevent them from doing it would hurt Iran.”

Cliff Kupchan

“In the short term, natural gas suppliers might feel they have an enormous amount of leverage. In almost every instance, that position was a flawed obsession, revealing the gas producer to be an unreliable supplier.”

David Victor

“We have no strategic reserves for natural gas,”

Steve Reynolds

“‘The next tank load (of gas) that we buy is the big question, ... If prices stay high or keep going up, we’ll probably have to increase our fares.”

Steve Wells

“We expect continued high coal and natural gas prices to provide challenges for our generating businesses going forward.”

Canning Fok

“Based on what we're hearing from the front lines of our fuel service stations, there currently is no significant gas supply disruption in our area. We're welcoming travelers to our shores for what is forecast to be a beautifully sunny weekend.”

Carolyn Mccormick

“The problem is natural gas, and how bad that is depends on how bad the winter is going to be — and it's not starting off well. It's cold.”

David Wyss

“I'm not a star!!! A star is notthing but a ball of gas!!!”

Elijah Wood