Gas Related Quotes

“Because of the decline in deliveries we are also forced to cut gas transit to Serbia and Bosnia by a similar rate of over 40 percent.”

Sandor Kantor

“We think we've seen the last of those effects, as natural gas and nitrogen prices have now returned to pre-hurricane levels.”

Michael Bennett

“Also, the cost of natural gas eased and continues to ease.”

Alberto Bianchetti

“When we see gas prices going up to where they are now with no clear end in sight, people reconsider their options.”

Catherine Rossi

“We are overly dependent on natural gas and of course the costs of natural gas is skyrocketing which impacts customer bills significantly.”

Rachel Scott

“The problem is natural gas, and how bad that is depends on how bad the winter is going to be — and it's not starting off well. It's cold.”

David Wyss

“The biggest single step to saving money at the gas pump, curbing global warming, and cutting America's oil dependence is to make our cars, SUVs and other trucks go farther on a gallon of gas.”

Dan Becker

“Who hasn't noticed the prices? But, honestly, you have to buy gas no matter how much it costs. I haven't changed anything at all.”

Marie Wallace

?I think it's ironic that for once dad's butt prevented the release of toxic gas.?

Bart Simpson

“My first funeral job was mowing grass at funeral homes. ... I needed gas money. I got to drive around in a hearse. I wasn't afraid.”

James O'boyle