Gave Related Quotes

“The best part that gets hidden in the whole picture is that he graduated in four years. North Carolina gave him an opportunity and they certainly benefited from him. What he did in the classroom is something for the other kids to think about.”

Paul Maechtle

I'd like to be remembered as a good person, that gave as much as she could with what she had to give.


Forbidden fruit makes a wonderful wine." Vazco gave him a leading look. "But leaves a hell of a headache.

Susan Scott

“I gave him a pass and I saw the goalie slide over, so I figured he might not score so I was getting ready for a pass. Van has great vision. He saw me at the side of the net and made a great play.”

Derek Roy

Jesus gave us the victory with which He overcame Satan, and commissioned us to cast out devils in His Name.

Chris Oyakhilome

“We had kind of gone flat. But then they opened the door for us, and gave us a chance.”

Chris Pedretti

“The team showed a lot of heart tonight. We're 11-2 in dual meets, so I think that gave us a lot of confidence coming into the tournament. We're a very balanced team and they all gave their best, so I'm very proud.”

Dave Phillips

“We believe the Florida Supreme Court gave an opinion based on sound reasoning and grounded in Florida state law.”

Chris Lehane

“Our post players just didn't come to play that game. We gave up like eight dunks or something.”

Corey Claitt

“John kept the ball in play and basically took what the course gave him. I was quite impressed with his round.”

Will Catalano