General Related Quotes

I do not believe there has ever been a name as important as Pierre Cardin in the general history of couture.

Pierre Cardin

“Had Calhoun been advised by me, he would have been the Candidate in opposition to General Jackson, and elected and the country saved the misery that followed.”

Duff Green

“I believe the General Assembly would be receptive if we see a really sharp spike in prices because of Hurricane Rita.”

Harry Moberly

“He was the first U.S. president to say such a statement before the general assembly.”

Yasser Arafat

“In the general course of human nature, A power over a man's subsistence amounts to a power over his will.”

Alexander Hamilton

In general, the problem in a relationship is when the couple stagnate.

Simon Baker

“There's a general consensus out there that rates are headed higher in the U.S. and Europe, but there's apprehension about it anyway, ... That affecting the euro and that's affecting the bond market.”

Michael Gregory

I mean, in general, the danger is from Oriental faiths and Islam.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

I think the general anxiety of the 1960s - '70s spawned our interest in the living dead. When people worry about the end of their world, they need a safe vessel for all their fears. Zombies provide that vessel because they're 'safe.'

Max Brooks

“Wayne reached out as soon as he accepted the job to become general manager. We realized we had a lot of work to do in a short period of time if we were going to reach an agreement and avoid the arbitration hearing, which always is the goal.”

Greg Genske