General Related Quotes

“I don't think a city should depend on tall grass. In general, if there is a barrier, that helps. If there is a 25-foot surge coming, does that make it two feet less in New Orleans? It has yet to be proven.”

Hassan Mashriqui

“They do wireless and cellular. They make semiconductors and they own the set-top box manufacturer, General Instrument. Broadband is going to be coming into your home via either a cable box or a wireless box. I just think they have it covered her and the fact is they reported their earnings and a little margin squeeze at the time when technology stocks were crashing.”

Scott Bleier

“[Hawks general manager] Dale Tallon and I have known each other for several years. We played a little golf together. We had talked about doing something like this for a while. He called me and asked me if I was interested in working with skaters. I said, 'Sure.' So here we are.”

Dan Jansen

“We needed a No. 1 receiver. So Jerry [Angelo, general manager] and Bobby [DePaul, pro personnel director] came up with tapes at the end of the season of about 10 or 15 guys we liked who were going to be free agents or guys we thought would be cut for salary cap reasons.”

Darryl Drake

“Systems are to be appreciated by their general effects, and not by particular exceptions.”

James F. Cooper

In general, what is written must be easy to read and easy to speak; which is the same.


“Probably General Hospital had more to do with me getting known physically than MTV did,”

Rick Springfield

“After the genomic (breakthrough) biotech in general has been doing really well.”

Corey Ostman

“Every general increase of freedom is accompanied by some degeneracy, attributable to the same causes as the freedom.”

Charles Horton Cooley

A general loathing of a gang or sect usually has some sound basis in instinct.

Ezra Pound