Genre Related Quotes

I'm a huge sci-fi/fantasy/horror guy. I love anything in the sci-fi or fantasy genre.

Sean Hayes

I think it was the sense that Turn is a spy thriller, and that's a genre that really fascinates me, in general.

Jamie Bell

As a music supervisor, you learn to embrace the best of every genre, and I really have to say there's nothing that I'm embarrassed of.

Alexandra Patsavas

Documentary photography has amassed mountains of evidence. And yet... the genre has simultaneously contributed much to spectacle, to retinal excitation, to voyeurism, to terror, envy and nostalgia, and only a little to the critical understanding of the social world.

Allan Sekula

I don't just want to do something that is purely stuck in a genre box. I would like to have the kind of autonomy.

George Nolfi

“[Two seafaring movie tales recharged the genre: Johnny Depp dazzled in] Pirates of the Caribbean ... Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.”

Russell Crowe

I love the paranormal, because there, every genre I write can become one beacon for my imagination.

Leslie Banks

I think the act of lying can be separated from the genre of memoir. Though often times, people are unaware of their own subjectivity.

Rob Roberge

I definitely gravitate towards quality genre projects and genre of any kind whether it's science fiction, horror or really anything. I'm just drawn to quality. I don't think 'Darkness Falls' is horror; there isn't any gore by any stretch of the imagination.

Emma Caulfield

“It was a very foreign genre to me,”

Charlize Theron