Genuinely Related Quotes

Real climate solutions are ones that steer these interventions to systematically disperse and devolve power and control to the community level, whether through community-controlled renewable energy, local organic agriculture or transit systems genuinely accountable to their users.

Naomi Klein

My parents genuinely loved Vienna, and in later years I learned from them why the city exerted a powerful hold on them and other Jews. My parents loved the dialect of Vienna, its cultural sophistication, and artistic values.

Eric Kandel

Affirming others isn't 'flattering' them-it's when you genuinely and consistently acknowledge their efforts and accomplishments, both large and small. Make affirmation a habit and watch what happens!

Leon F. "lee" Ellis

[Children should contribute] to a family's essential survival and happiness. [In] an urban society, children are ... robbed of the opportunity to do genuinely responsible work.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

I really don't want to in the press, genuinely don't want to be in the press.

George W. Bush

Corporate America is a 20th-century dinosaur, trembling on the edge of extinction, and the only way for you to have a genuinely secure future is for you to take control of that future.

Robert Kiyosaki

The Liberal Party is and always has been an amalgam between the conservative and the liberal with a small L traditions. And so from time to time people will see it emphasising one more than the other. I think it is genuinely an amalgam between the two.

Malcolm Turnbull

If you can't look in the mirror and genuinely love 100% of what you see, how can you possibly say "i love you" to someone else.

Behdad Sami

I did go bankrupt because everybody copied me - every single industry. But genuinely, it doesn't matter. I swear I don't care.


I hope that people take away hope, maybe not in an obvious sense, but in the form of hearing somebody who's genuinely fighting to stay above water. And in that fight, there's hope. In that fight, maybe there's positivity.