Gets Related Quotes

The more you meditate the better life gets.

David Lynch

I wear make-up, and it gets a little bit thicker every year.

Dolly Parton

“When I put products on my face, my skin gets itchy,”

Cathy Smith

“The black dog gets the food; the white dog gets the blame”

Chinese Proverbs

“Nick's had a great season. Every award he gets, he deserves it. No question.”

Mark Fox

Doing the same character over and over, it gets boring.

Denis Leary

“E. M. Forster never gets any further than warming the teapot. He's a rare fine hand at that. Feel this teapot. Is it not beautifully warm? Yes, but there ain't going to be no tea.”

Katherine Mansfield

“When she turns and gets good looks at the basket, she's hard to stop.”

Willie Thomas

Sean, as always, gets by on one word while everyone else needs five or six.

Maggie Stiefvater

“When we're knocking them down, it gets frustrating for the defense. When we're not knocking them down, it kind of takes the wind out of us, and it lets the defense rest when all you take is outside shots.”

Cameron Bennerman