Gift Related Quotes

“There is no greater love than this. There is no greater gift that can ever be given. To be willing to die, so another might live -- there is no greater lover than this.”

Steven Curtis Chapman

“Olivia Newton-John - Australia's gift to insomniacs. It's nothing but the blonde singing the bland.”

Minnie Riperton

The past is your LESSON. The present is your GIFT. The future is your MOTIVATION.

Zig Ziglar

You all have a gift. It's free. It's the gift of song.

Christine E. Schulze

Pain is a gift. Humanity, without pain, would know neither fear nor pity.

Dean Koontz

You give to the world your greatest gift when you're being yourself.

Deepak Chopra

“Speed is always something that stands out. It's a gift. He can get the ball, make you miss and get out ahead. And stay there.”

Archie Griffin

“It was kind of like a Trojan Horse. It looked like we were going to get a big gift, but it ended up being difficult from the inside.”

Jace Hymas

“You carry a unique gift inside of you”

Sunday Adelaja