Girl Related Quotes

I see the Calvin Klein girl as strong, fun, and confident.

Hanneli Mustaparta

Some guys fall in love with one girl, I gotta fall for two.

Elvis Presley

“So you're telling me that Jaques is saying he got beat up by a girl?”

Danica Patrick

I'm definitely a lash girl. I feel they are my best feature. I have tried lots of mascaras. I was drawn to Lancome Doll Lashes recently. Not only because of the name, but it smells like roses! I usually add a few coats of it for a night out.

Chloe Sevigny

I just love a girl in a hat. It's really sexy.

Clemence Poesy

That girl had the subtlety of a Spencer's Gifts shop.

Rainbow Rowell

It's every girl's dream to be a cover girl!


“We've still got the melodies, we've still got the nice 'strong girl' lyrics going on.”

Victoria Beckham

I write for young girls of color, for girls who don't even exist yet, so that there is something there for them when they arrive. I can only change how they live, not how they think.

Ntozake Shange

At school my nickname is the National Anthem girl.

Diana Degarmo