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To Odin many a soul was driven, to Odin many a rich gift given.

Snorri Sturluson

“Chad's leadership is second to none. We really miss that. But then, it's also given us a chance to expand on our roles. We get to grow within our positions, and it makes us a tighter team. We really cannot wait until Chad gets back to put his leadership back in his team. Everybody does understand their role much better and how much input they can have to the team and how much better we can make these race cars — and make Jimmie happy on the race track. You can see what Jimmie can do in the last two laps.”

Darian Grubb

This generation has given up on growth. They're just hoping for survival.

Penelope Spheeris

“Not only am I confident in that situation, but Shaq has given me that go-ahead to say the fourth quarter is (my) time. When you get that, I don't worry about making a mistake. When I drive and his man comes, then I throw the ball to the rim. As long as I continue to do that, he'll continue to be happy.”

Dwyane Wade

“They were shocked at how many users we had in given areas using wireless.”

Gavin Leach

The atomic bomb is a marvelous gift that was given to our country by a wise God.

Phyllis Schlafly

Never doubt God in the darkness what he has given us in the light.

Francine Rivers

“Given the volatility of the situation, I think the team is doing extremely well with the offload of supplies to help not only the base, but the local community as well.”

Al Lopez

“I had given several courses on Jewish Supreme Court justices. We understand there had been some Jews who weren't that nice, and it's desirable to talk about the bad with the good.”

Norman Olsen

That wife is an enemy to her husband who is given in marriage against her will.