Given Related Quotes

I write what's given me to write.

Philip Levine

“The boat had come to a stop. They had given up.”

Steven Amster

I am glad that I was given the chance. I knew I could still play at a high level.

Kurt Warner

“My God given talent is my ability to stick with training longer than anybody else.”

Herschel Walker

“Given the more challenging economic backdrop and widely reported consumer spending fragility this is, in our view, a very strong result.”

Greg Feehely

“We are finally starting to come to those stocks that haven't given up ground yet. This is the first time that these stocks that are priced for perfection have shown some imperfections.”

Charles Pradilla

“Given the revelations that are coming out about Roberts from these documents, it does beg the question as to whether the White House is sincere in its efforts to reach out to minorities and other groups.”

Phil Singer

“Steven Price hasn't given up an earned run all year. That's the way it goes. The bottom line in this game is Madison Central made some great defensive plays and we didn't.”

Jamie Creel

“In view of recent report about terrorist plans to build and deploy radiological dispersion devices and given the inadequacy of source control, ... it is clear that additional security measures are urgently needed.”

Mohamed Elbaradei

“To be doing this well when the project is still two years out shows the commitment people have given to the Illinois football program. It's outstanding.”

Warren Hood