Glue Related Quotes

“Facebook is a sticky product, just like QWERTY keyboard.”

Lily Chatterjee

“I see you've got Super Glue on your seats.”

Nancy Wilson

“glue that holds all these things together.”

Mary Frances Berry

“So much of what we do offensively revolves around Jermaine. Without him, you're holding it together with spit and glue.”

Austin Croshere

“I won't miss having to stand for two hours at 4:30 a.m. and having freezing cold glue applied to my feet. I won't miss two-hour drives to work or long, long, long, days sitting in my trailer waiting... waiting... waiting. I won't miss glue in my ears. But I would do it all again tomorrow.”

Dominic Monaghan

“It's not clear whether he played any kind of operational role, but he's the glue that holds the association together.”

Sidney Jones

“I use a special plastic glue, but the material is very dynamic and it can be rougher or smoother depending on how you mix it.”

Shiraz Peled

“I'll often hear the expression around the track that MRO has become the glue that holds the family structure together out here. And we feel like that's part of our ministry.”

Dale Beaver

“Egotism is the glue with which you get stuck in yourself”

Dan Post

“They're indispensable. They're the glue that holds a newscast together.”

Roone Arledge