Goal Setting Related Quotes

Goal setting is fine if you want to be the warrior archetype. These people are setting goals constantly and trying to get someplace else. They say, "If you don't know where you are going, then you won't know when you get there."

Wayne Dyer

I don't think goal setting is an important basis for a retail business. Most of the time goal setting puts too much energy and attention on being someplace else, instead of helping you appreciate where you are.

Wayne Dyer

The secret to changing your life is in your intentions. Wishing, hoping and goal setting cannot accomplish change without intention. What is needed is a shift from the inert energy of wanting to the active energy of doing and intention.

Wayne Dyer

The Three Keys to Success by Ken Poirot: 1) Goal Setting 2) Time Management 3) Life Skills

Ken Poirot

“Set your objectives high, and don’t stop till you get there. It's time to make your dream a reality. It's your time to live your dream. LET'S GO!”

Farshad Asl

Goal setting will never stop. I will continue to work hard and practice hard and see where things go.

Zach Johnson

Goal setting is fine if you want to be the warrior archetype.

Wayne Dyer

'Shake It Up' definitely teaches kids about the importance of reaching for your dreams and setting high goals. It also teaches great lessons about friendship and family.