Goes Related Quotes

If your friend goes to a far place, that far place comes close to you!

Mehmet Murat Ildan

“The thing we've had trouble with is she turns on the ball too fast. She goes very quickly ? reads the pitch too quickly sometimes.”

Dave Heise

“It's like when the dinosaurs were gone, they never came back. The same goes for Bob, he can't be replaced. He's an old-time cop. He's not the type of guy that relied on computers to solve a case. He relied on facts and evidence. He's old school.”

Glenn Mason

English has borrowed from everywhere and now goes everywhere.

Mason Cooley

“All is change; all yields its place and goes”


Science goes through fads, and there are big ups and crashes.

Eric Betzig

“I'm not the kind of actor who goes into exhaustive research for each role.”

Clive Owen

DNA is like Midas's gold, everyone who touches it goes mad.

Maurice Wilkins

“One inmate has a slash wound that goes from his ear all the way over to his mouth. It appears he was attacked by a razor blade attached to a toothbrush or a comb.”

Vernell Crittendon

Where the mind goes the body will follow.

Arnold Schwarzenegger