Goes Related Quotes

“The first week, he goes down and does his dance. This Sunday, he went down and he looked back first and saw the flag, so he didn't dance. The thing that we'll all be excited about is when Dennis can get into the end zone and he can dance freely.”

Romeo Crennel

“You always hear it's hard to shoot in here, and there's no backdrop. And everything I saw tonight kinda goes against what everybody else said.”

Cory Thomasson

“Either he is going to get through this first season and grow from there or basically the thing goes up in smoke.”

Michael Claudon

“Whether we're up a goal or down a goal, we kept coming. It goes to show you what our team is made of.”

Cory Stillman

“If Roberts goes through, it's a big win for McCain.”

Jack Pitney

“No doubt. It's the way the schedule is. Every team goes through it, so we've got to put together some good games.”

Darren Mccarty

“There isn't a better kid in the program. But sometimes Tiger Woods even goes out and shoots an 80. There's just no explanation.”

Randy Walker

“I think by looking at the duck and what things he goes through I think it kind of reminds me of how I was at a time and how I was reaching out for help and nobody was there to help me. Now I think I kind of owe it to the duck to help him.”

David Gore

“He's a slow starter and it's been that way most of the season -- he gets better as the match goes on. I don't know what fired him up, but he got a second wind and it was over.”

Steve Eckert

“He starts on my husband's side and then goes from a vertical to horizontal position. And you cannot push that dog — each paw weighs about 40 pounds.”

Lisa Willett