Goes On Related Quotes

Life goes on and on after one's luck has run out. Youthfulness persists, alas, long after one has ceased to be young.

Glenway Wescott

And life goes on, which seems kind of strange and cruel when you're watching someone die.

Melina Marchetta

If the feminist program goes to pieces on the arrival of the first baby, it's false and useless.

Crystal Eastman

Education is a process that goes on 'til death. The moment you see someone who knows she has found the one true way, and can call all the others false, then you know you're in the company of an ignoramus.

Maya Angelou

You've no idea how long life goes on and how many, many changes it brings. Young people seem to imagine that it's over in a flash, that they do this thing, or that thing, and then die, but I can assure you they are quite wrong.

Nancy Mitford

I think generally I'm kind of interested in subjective experience, what goes on inside someone's head, that being all they really know of the world.

Charlie Kaufman

Sure, you make money writing on the coast ... but that money is like so much compressed snow. It goes so fast it melts in your hand.

Dorothy Parker

Moths like me die by the thousands every minute. Her work goes on all the same. Glory unto Mother!...

Swami Vivekananda

I never understand how the lipstick business goes on because lipstick lasts forever.

Andy Warhol

As your life goes on you should gain a deeper understanding of the world and the people moving through it; but that might be asking too much.

James Scott