Gold Related Quotes

I will try to win the Olympics gold in London.

Ryoko Tani

If I have cash and I can't figure a way to put it into real estate or my business, I hold it in gold and silver.

Robert Kiyosaki

Broadway - the great sluice that washes out the dust of the gold-mines of Gotham.

O. Henry

“Gold is on 24-year highs because of a recent shift in investment allocations to commodities by a wide audience.”

Robert Gottlieb

“What am I going to say to the people at Gold Manor Estates?”

Steven Rattner

Confidence is the most important thing, more important than gold or currency.

Wen Jiabao

Gold opens all locks, no lock will hold against the power of gold.

George Herbert

“You've got the Dow transports crushed, gold is up, the insurers are down and the high techs are really tanking,”

Peter Green

“I think they were coming to find their pot of gold.”

Pamela Wiggins

“If somebody is super-wealthy and wants to be super-safe, owning some gold is fine for them, I personally don't think they'll see a significant rate of return on it.”

Don Boegel