Graduating Related Quotes

In China, people are moving from bigger cars to small hatches, and interestingly, the Indian market is graduating to bigger cars and sedans. I will say that we will not put money only in just one segment.

Winfried Vahland

I did regret not graduating high school, but I made a point of going back and getting my GED later. It was important for my kids.

Christian Slater

The APR provides a real-time snapshot of what is happening with our individual student-athletes today. However, it does not address some of the realities that exist in sports played during the spring semester, where student-athletes accept professional opportunities before graduating or before exhausting their eligibility.

Deloss Dodds

“I'm graduating a few weeks after the show anyway, ... I guess I'll be the most eligible bachelor for those three weeks.”

Peter Ellis

By the time I started high school, I knew I wanted to be a writer. After graduating from Smith College in Massachusetts, I moved to New York City and worked for the advertising agency J. Walter Thompson.

Cynthia Voigt

I was terrified of graduating college and not knowing what I was going to do. I saw the auditions for Idol and thought, Why not? I always liked to sing. You know when they asked, "Are you the next American Idol?" I said yes, but I didn't mean it.

Carrie Underwood

Until you've faced a crowd of graduating seniors, you have not experienced apathy ...

Gillian Roberts

I grew up in Michigan, in a very small town, Centreville. In my graduating class I had like 92 people

Verne Troyer

More women are graduating from college now than men.

Mitch Mcconnell

My high school wasn't a big public school; it was tiny. There were 36 girls in my graduating class. We were a big group of girls that by the time senior year came along couldn't wait to get away from school fast enough but we loved each other. It's really fun to see the girls at reunions now.

Cecily Von Ziegesar