Granted Related Quotes

“We take (Parker) for granted. He's an All-Star. He had a lot of juice. It's always good to come back from vacation and get a win. We had some rest, as Seattle did too, but we were fortunate to make some shots.”

Gregg Popovich

“[Just like Vanderbilt should no longer be taken for granted. The Commodores are 2-0 in the SEC and the team, especially Cutler, is catching the attention of opposing players and coaches.] We have to control him, ... He's their big playmaker.”

Les Miles

“This is not the first such patent to be granted, but it shows that patent examiners are being duped by false science.”

Robert Park

Personally, I find it romantic not to be with someone all the time; you don't get used to someone or take them for granted.

Monica Bellucci

“I think the federal response has been good. Everything we've asked them for at this point, they've granted,”

Mike Easley

“I understand we all take it for granted,”

Gary Herbert

“Some teams can get a little too confident with the lead. This team doesn't take it for granted. I really enjoy watching the whole crew play like this.”

Drew Macintyre

“We assume our fruits and vegetables are protected. As we learned from 9/11, you can't take anything for granted.”

Katie Decker

“Everyone thinks they are a superhero. They take their safety for granted until they get hurt.”

Cory Smith

“Granted, we've conceded a few early goals but we must be doing somethingright to win seven on the trot.”

David James