Great Love Related Quotes

Young people are cynical about love. Ultimately, cynicism is the great mask of the disappointed and betrayed heart.

Bell Hooks

Romantic dramas? I love The Notebook. Titanic was great. Classic.

Scott Eastwood

I have yet to do a job where I would really get to rock the great clothes. I'd love to do a job where I could wear Thom Browne.

Dean Winters

Only the great Souls can and know how to love.

Samael Aun Weor

I love and care about literature, and great writers are our teachers. You're studying their mind when you read their work.

Natalie Goldberg

What's really interesting and fun to explore is not just the falling in love and everything being great, but the obstacles to falling in love.

Patrick J. Adams

We went to Austria to train and it was so peaceful. And I love coffee and the coffee was great.

Alex Morgan

It's great to be able to do shows like 'Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door,' which I think is entirely too long of a title.

Patrick Duffy

EBay is a great company. There are a lot of good assets and good customers, and the U.S. people love it.

Jack Ma

I would love to eat a really great burger, but it doesn't exist in our part of the world.

Rene Redzepi