Group Related Quotes

“So far, it's not been good. He's part of that young group we have, and you've got to continue to watch how they perform. If it goes well, you give more opportunities. If it doesn't, over time, you've got to look at how many performances at a below-average rate he gets.”

Dave Littlefield

“The only group growing faster than millionaires these days is the uninsured.”

James Lardner

“The way we played, we were about the dumbest group we've ever put on the field here. Not to take anything away from Hamilton, they played well, but we didn't even play basic baseball.”

Rex Berryman

“I couldn't be any more proud of a group of kids. We have outstanding kids. We're just so happy that they will get to experience that.”

Chris O'hearn

“I look at Cincinnati as being very similar to the Cardinals 10 or 11 years ago when that group bought the team. The team needed some new direction and new leadership. It wouldn't take too long to turn around.”

Walt Jocketty

“Our favorite name in the group continues to be Activision, which we believe is well position to grow market share and operating margins over the next several years due to strong and improving game quality.”

Lowell Singer

“Why a new award? There's a special group of new players who have yet to fully develop at the club level but shine at the World Cup. They deserve a special homage because they have made their mark in history already. FIFA has the responsibility to help develop talent.”

Andreas Herren

“I think you can look at the linebacker position and say this is probably as strong a group as we've had in a while.”

Floyd Reese

“The tools are the weak spot, That limits its appeal to a fairly hard-core group.”

Will Wright

“I think they are a very gifted group. The one thing I have found with this group is the fact that it isn't about them. It is not an individual person's glory. Each of the kids knows how to be team players and they have shown us over the past couple weeks.”

Marybeth Lebo