Group Related Quotes

“I was very excited for Reggie, and very excited to be a part of the group. I don't think anything has changed in our relationship.”

Zygmunt Wilf

“What happens to this group is very important because it's going to affect every other group.”

Amy Bernstein

“This is a staff that has been tested already. I don't think anybody can believe we're asking this amazing group of people to endure this kind of experience again.”

Elizabeth Vargas

“That's been our story all year. We have a really balanced group. We don't have that one or two guys we rely on. On any given night we are in good shape.”

Greg Garrison

“We got down early but found a way to claw back. The one thing that this group has demonstrated all year is resiliency.”

Randy Carlyle

“We have become a tighter community. I see more students today who are friends across ethnic group boundaries.”

Dan Bunch

“Clearly, Greenbrier shares have had a great run year-to-date, up 39% versus the rail equipment group. We believe the best is yet to come.”

Peter Nesvold

“I think it is a whitewash group and nothing will come of it, except that they may concoct some reason for the US to stay the course in Iraq, with perhaps a little more international support, like Germany and Canada.”

Wayne Madsen

“This has been a very small group that has been indicating opposition to aspects of the project.”

Scott Hand

“We've got a really outstanding group of linebackers. So, we're going to rotate those guys around a bit more. Blades will be the only one that doesn't really move, but we're going to alternate some guys. We have to try to get them all on the field as much as possible.”

Dave Wannstedt