Growing Related Quotes

I actually was the accompanist for a couple of the musicals I was in growing up.

Kirsten Nelson

“As our program grows, the facilities are not growing with it. That is really discouraging.”

Sean Callahan

“Demand for coal is growing, supplies of coal at (electrical) utilities still remain low. I think that the industry fundamentally still looks positive.”

Mark Reichman

“2005 was a pivotal year for Schering-Plough. We began our Turnaround phase. We achieved our goal of growing revenues and earnings.”

Fred Hassan

I was in group therapy for years but it wasn't the same thing. It was more about growing.

Sally Kellerman

“Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart.”

Shinichi Suzuki

Growing up, my mom would watch 'Notting Hill' a lot. She loves Hugh Grant.

Ken Baumann

“Read books. Ask questions. Don’t settle. Try new foods. Listen to new music. Face down your fears. Play videogames. Go to that party. Visit an old friend. Make a new one. Say hello. Say goodbye. Challenge what is and fight for what could be. But no matter what, always remain as the student.”

Matt Gannon

“Nowadays, kids are not like when I was growing up. That is why it's important for parents to get involved with their kids' lives. It takes a village to raise a child.”

Clarence Moore

When one begins to think of oneself as growing old, one is already old.

Elsie De Wolfe