Growing Related Quotes

“Eloping, as we define it as anything other than the TBW, is really growing fast.”

Scott Shaw

“There is a growing emergency for more than 56,000 children who are believed to be suffering from moderate and severe malnutrition in affected areas. the figure is expected to rise dramatically over the next three months.”

Dan Toole

“Most of them produced slowly and steadily over the whole season, and many of them were still growing and flowering right up to the end.”

Karen Schaffer

“People are moving here from other states, other countries. Argentinians, Colombians and Venezuelans. They're all coming. It's growing, big-time.”

Carlos Ortiz

Magic Johnson was my favorite player growing up.

Russell Westbrook

“Growing older is not upsetting; being perceived as old is.”

Kenny Rogers

But the coconut is also a symbol of resilience, Samar. Even in the conditions where there's very little nourishment and even less nurturance, it flourishes, growing taller than most of the plants around it.

Neesha Meminger

“The consolidation story across the industry is certainly growing. Although there's no speculation on Legal & General at the moment, its very strong UK market share could put it in the firing line.”

Keith Bowman

“There's no question that Japan is one of the fastest-growing Linux markets. As the number of Linux servers deployed in Japan continues to grow, U.S. vendors are recognizing that this could be a very lucrative market for system management solutions.”

Dave Rosenberg