Growth Related Quotes

“Their revenue growth guidance is considerably below the growth you're seeing at Time Warner and Cablevision, both of which are now in the ramp-up phase of (digital phones).”

Craig Moffett

“The BBC is a perfect example of uncontrolled growth, [occupying] old churches and manor houses, the old Langham Hotel where Sherlock Holmes once met Moriarty and where this correspondent once shared an office with an 8-foot bathtub.”

Morley Safer

Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth. So let's all go exploring.

Edith Widder

“The manufacturing sector looks as if it is over the worst of its recent slowdown, U.K. GDP growth is still lively and the recent plunge in the pound could tilt the scales back towards increased inflation risk in future,”

David Brown

“The momentum is building for IP line sales. For example, the rate of growth in the fourth quarter 2005 was about 50% higher than the past several quarters. This new level of growth is sustainable because manufacturers have enhanced the feature richness of their IP products, and users are more familiar and comfortable with voice over IP.”

Steve Raab

Eagerly examine the Scriptures daily for spiritual growth.

Lailah Gifty Akita

“That type of growth is not sustainable, and we're headed to a more moderate pace this year.”

William Sullivan

“Prime Office Products is a great fit with Staples, as Staples Contract continues its double-digit sales growth,”

Owen Davis

“Market demand for Huron's services is very strong. Our core growth practices continue to attract, serve and build client relationships. We continue to add and retain talented, performance-oriented consultants at all levels to serve Huron's growing roster of clients.”

Gary E. Holdren

“Given how concerned investors are in the media sector, Viacom's ability to generate 5 percent revenue growth excluding the film business illustrates why we think there is significant underlying value in the assets,”

Richard Greenfield