Guarding Related Quotes

“They weren't guarding me to begin with and when I cut they really lost me. I made it a point to get to open areas. The open areas just happened to be right at the basket.”

Erica White

“I thought that they just did an outstanding job of guarding us in the half-court, we just did not get any easy baskets. They did a great job of keeping us off the offensive glass (and) we didn't get any second chance opportunities.”

Chris O'hearn

“Duncan deserves everything he gets, as far as I'm concerned. It's frustrating guarding Tim Duncan even if they think he's not getting the calls. He's a hell of a basketball player.”

Doc Rivers

“I was a defensive specialist ... I had to guard whoever Gilbert was supposed to be guarding, too. I'm telling you, Gilbert did not play defense.”

Richard Jefferson

“We had mix-ups on who we were guarding sometimes, and we had players getting hit by screens. That's not us. We went into this game hoping to prepare for Penn State (on Sunday). Instead of taking two steps forward, we took a step back.”

Pam Borton

“We have to be better defensively. We gave up too many good shots. We were not guarding them close enough and gave them some easy shots. We have to be more demanding defensively.”

Steve Leslie

“I visualize the game. I think about who I am guarding, the things he likes to do.”

Scottie Pippen

“We probably should have had Matt Shaw guarding (Miller) down the stretch.”

Chris Lowery

“Guarding somebody who's 6-8 with a high release beyond the arc -- we're just not used to doing that. I thought we were there [defensively]. He just shot over us.”

Ryan O'connor

“By protecting those who live as ,becomes Aryans and by removing the thorns, kings, solely intent on guarding their subjects, reach heaven.”

Guru Nanak