Guarding Related Quotes

“The guy guarding (Kaiser) had three fouls. He's not a rugged post defender. We figured, get it in there, maybe he'll get his fourth. He (Kaiser) is a great shooter. During that span, he got six points and an assist. That's great for Steve. He's done everything we've asked. Fortunately for him, he was able to get a couple of tough baskets.”

Dean Ellis

“Finis did a heck of a job guarding Griffin. He took it upon himself to make sure he didn't do what he did the last two times out.”

Kelly Wells

“I was guarding her, and I wasn't expecting her to throw up those threes, but she did.”

Katie Murphy

“When I came off the ball screens, I realized they weren't really guarding me as close as usual, so I stepped up and shot the shot.”

Dane Johnson

“He didn't make a mistake out there (Sunday). He's out there guarding guards with a bad ankle. That job he did was something special. It kind of goes unsung because there's no big stats for him. But he's a special player for us.”

Dean Ellis

“I don't have a problem with that. Guarding perimeter players is not a problem.”

Dante Cunningham

“We broke the rule twice (about guarding Duran). Then that run started.”

Kelly Meek

“They weren't guarding me to begin with and when I cut they really lost me. I made it a point to get to open areas. The open areas just happened to be right at the basket.”

Erica White

“It's hard to get good looks when you have someone guarding you who is so much taller but at the same time just as quick.”

Kari Koch

“Gerry is a great, tough player and does a lot for the team. Whoever is guarding him is going to have a tough assignment.”

Acie Law