Guess Related Quotes

“My guess is they were trying to figure out a way to get on this bandwagon. They certainly don't want to have any voters seeing them as anti-Bible or anti-religion.”

Charles Bullock

?I'm not seeing the ball any differently, ... I've just been lucky, I guess.?

Barry Bonds

“Sometimes, I'd ask out of a game, and the coach never knew why. ... I guess for me it was just a personal thing. I didn't want people to know. I didn't want anyone to know I might have a weakness.”

Mark Hodsdon

“Obviously, we wished we found the body earlier, but we didn't, ... Critics can be critics, and I guess they've got something to be critical about.”

Charles Ramsey

“I guess we will see how tonight (Thursday) goes, and then I'll probably fill in until the stuff with these two guys gets figured out.”

Chris Wagner

“I guess he made some menacing remarks,”

Roger Brown

“I guess you'd be a vulture investor if you buy now.”

Kent Mergler

“We won't know until tomorrow. If I were to guess, he pulled a hamstring.”

Mike Hargrove

“That I'm a contrary old son of a bitch, I guess,”

Merle Haggard

“That team from Finland, I would guess a lot of those guys grew up playing together and they've been in a lot of international tournaments together.”

Eric Weinrich