Guess Related Quotes

“We'll just go until we can't go anymore, I guess. If you stop you're going to get run over in this sport, as much as things are changing and as much as we've got going on at the shop.”

Greg Zipadelli

“The president, I guess, is still being driven by Karl Rove,”

Harry Reid

“Based on what they're proposing, I guess it's not encouraging.”

Harry Henderson

“It's now what they call space junk, I guess.”

Calvin Grandy

“It didn't look like Kendall stuck his arm out there. It was kind of weird. I guess he just caught Kendall on the wrong moment. That's not hard to do. I think (Lackey) said something to him in Oakland before. I know he's done it before. I've seen a couple pitchers do it. I think that's why him and (Joe) Kennedy got in a fight. Same thing.”

Eric Chavez

“I think they know our position and I guess we know their position because I don't think anything has changed.”

Christopher Hill

“I guess I got that one off my back.”

Gene Allen

“I guess we were just out of it.”

Pat Riley

“There's definitely some things that um, yeah, I guess you could say, yeah, licking your chops,”

Kyle Wright

“We all kind of got mad and I guess we showed it in the four-by-400.”

Ashley Verplank