Guess Related Quotes

“I guess you could say we finished the way we started.”

Kevin Millwood

“[It's] just normal treatment, whatever they do for a bruised shoulder, I guess, ... Just icing it and keeping it on track.”

Chris Leak

“It didn't look like Kendall stuck his arm out there. It was kind of weird. I guess he just caught Kendall on the wrong moment. That's not hard to do. I think (Lackey) said something to him in Oakland before. I know he's done it before. I've seen a couple pitchers do it. I think that's why him and (Joe) Kennedy got in a fight. Same thing.”

Eric Chavez

“I guess it's better having him interested in gas engines rather than having him in the tavern or chasing these young girls.”

Marian Woods

“I was just fortunate enough that he missed a spot on his fastball. I guess that's what you're supposed to do with it.”

Eduardo Perez

“I'm in a little bit more precarious spot than I was last week, ... I guess I've got a bull's-eye on me now. Right now, I'm not confident with my ball striking, but one good round can change that.”

Dana Quigley

“It's all how you look at it, I guess. Me, I've been waiting for this all year.”

Dave Martinez

“Oh, better, ... I would've thought playing in a few games would've been nice. I was a little pessimistic. I guess I was wrong.”

Dan Campbell

“If you look at the amount of trading that has been taking place over the last little while, I guess I can understand it and I can sympathize with the exchange. I know they're struggling.”

Fred Ketchen

“If Alex hadn't said yes, I guess we'd have to keep going until they had to wheel me out of here. Alex is me 30 years ago. She can step right in. I've had two years to prepare her, even though she didn't know it.”

Marty Hunt