Habitat Related Quotes

“The natural habitat of the tongue is the left cheek.”

Red Smith

“When Charley blew through here, it stripped all the leaves off the mangrove trees, leaving the habitat of the black crowned night heron naked.”

Paul Holmes

“We know that so long as the pressure on the habitat continues, we can't have populations continue to expand, but for the time being we're pretty sure that we do have expanding numbers in at least four areas around the state.”

Stephanie Simek

“Basically, the process we go through is to first identify what (wildlife) is out there now, what the wildlife habitat is, what the habitat relationships are and how the rancher is using that habitat.”

Dave Lockman

“Just because fish are there doesn't mean the platform constitutes habitat. That's like taking a picture of birds on a telephone wire and saying it's essential habitat.”

Linda Krop

“Only about one percent of the historic habitat exists. Half of the (agricultural lands) have subsided so much that we can't restore them to wetlands -- if you flooded them, you'd just have deep water. But a 10 percent restoration is possible -- and that would be exponentially better than the situation we have now.”

Robin Grossinger

“We're wanting to do an upscale natural-habitat project.”

Ron Moore

“Sea turtles are very global, very migratory. They utilize habitat in many locations. This proves that we should have people working to protect coastal areas in general, not just the sub-tropical nesting areas of sea turtles.”

Dan Evans

“There's nothing much there in terms of habitat.”

Dave Watson

“You can see and smell the habitat. It's a very pungent perfume.”

Margo Stahl