Halftime Related Quotes

“It seemed like we gave it to them. We came out at halftime and let them take it again. It was kind of like last year how we were in it and they kind of just pulled away from us.”

Craig Chambers

“We had a little talk with the team at halftime and they seemed to respond.”

Avery Johnson

“They were one of those kind of teams you can't let hang around. That's what we talked about at halftime.”

Dajuan Harris

“We talked at halftime about being the first team on opening day to score on a kickoff and punt return.”

Chad Morton

“Our audience is looking for an alternative to the Super Bowl halftime show and we felt that the new MTV2 fit the bill perfectly.”

Van Toffler

“I remember being at Nebraska, we were down by 20 points at halftime. We came back because they couldn't hold the ball.”

Clint Johnson

“Someone told me at halftime I had five assists, but I just laughed at it. The win's more important.”

James Augustine

“We tried to pinpoint what we do best. We said at halftime we wanted to win the second half.”

Al Lavan

“Man, I was in there squeezing some boards down. We talked a lot at halftime to keep pushing it and keep getting better.”

Chris Quinn

“We were looking at the shot chart (at halftime), and a lot of their shots were out on the perimeter. Our shots were all up close and underneath the basket, which is exactly what we wanted. I told the guys that we've just got to put the ball in the basket.”

Cliff Thompson