Halves Related Quotes

And I saw then and there you take a man half-bad and a women half-bad and put their two good halves together and you got one human all good to share between.

Ray Bradbury

“They shot the lights out in the first half. I think we played the same in both halves, but they were so hot. They are deep, good inside and outside and I think they've got a good chance to be there at the end.”

Louise Johnson

“Captain Nicklaus said there were no halves, but I didn't quite grasp what he meant by that on 15. It was fine. It turned out just great.”

Phil Mickelson

Honor is a public enemy, and conscience a domestic, and he that would secure his pleasure, must pay a tribute to one and go halves with t'other.

William Congreve

I didn't appear to need anyone: I could do it all myself. I could do everything. I was both halves: did that mean I was whole?

Rachel Cusk

“We really started to panic once they pressed us. It was really a tale of two halves. We played pretty well during the first half. But once they put that trap on us, we committed a lot of turnovers, and that frustrated our guys.”

Chuck Woelfel

“It was a tale of two halves. We just stepped it up in the second half.”

Gary Justason

Women are all so far Machiavellians that they are never either good or bad by halves; their passions are too strong, and their reason too weak, to do anything with moderation.

Lord Chesterfield

Sometimes history cleaves and for one helpless moment stands still like the pause when the ax splits a log and the two halves rest on end waiting to fall.

Barbara Kingsolver

“We tried to pound the ball inside in both halves. Andrew did a really nice job of going inside-out and getting these guys some open shots.”

Larry Krystkowiak