Handbook Related Quotes

I'm very cautious about talking about how actors got where they got, as though there is in fact a plan or a way. There is no plan, there is no way, there's no sure set, there's no handbook, on how to get to be an actor.

Peter Jurasik

“The entire handbook can be reduced to three rules. One: you do not touch your ball from the time you tee it up to the moment you pick it out of the hole. Two: don't bend over when you are in the rough. Three: when you are in the woods, keep clapping your hands.”

Charles Price

When I was young, I had this feeling that there was this handbook that I had never gotten that explained how to be, how to laugh, what to wear, how to stand by yourself in the hallway. Everyone looked so natural - like they all practiced and knew exactly what to do - even the way they pushed their hair out of their face.

Ze Frank

“I feel like we wrote a road map or a handbook to help them navigate this particularly challenging time in the kitchen. If you can create a habit of this preparing and planning, this is going to cut a lot of stress out of your life. If you can take the stress out of the equation by having a plan, you're going to change how you feel about the dinner plan.”

Cynthia Graubart

“You have to go by the handbook. We have all the guidelines in that book. ... Coming out at a meeting and saying you can do this or that, we can't do that in a meeting.”

Jack Harris

The unary Photograph has every reason to be banal, 'unity' of composition being the first rule of vulgar (and notably, of academic) rhetoric: 'The subject,' says one handbook for amateur photographers, 'must be simple, free of useless accessories; this is called the Search for Unity.

Roland Barthes

I really believe the purpose of Scripture is to give us this authoritative handbook.

Max Lucado

I felt I had a responsibility to do the right thing. And then I wanted to do the right thing by my family and there was no handbook.

Pat Benatar

There's no handbook for parenting. So you walk a very fine line as a parent because you are civilizing these raw things. They will tip the coffee over and finger-paint on the table. At some point, you have to say, 'We're gonna have to clean that up because you don't paint with coffee on a table.'

Gary Oldman

When you become famous, they don't give you a handbook.

Cyndi Lauper