Handler Related Quotes

“He?s a guard who can score. That?s basically his game. He?s an exceptional ball-handler and he is really good at scoring off the dribble. He?s a tough, physical kid. He led us in charges taken two years in a row. He wants to guard the top players on the opposing team.”

James Gwyn

“He's always been able to shoot, been a great shooter, a good ball-handler and just an all-around player. He's definitely gotten better with time. ... He's just matured as a player.”

Darrell Haynes

“She's a good ball-handler. She handles pressure. She sees the floor real well and gets the ball to the shooters where they want to get it. I have so much confidence when the ball's in her hands.”

Donna Nicholson

“He can do a lot of the things Logan did. He may not be quite the ball handler as Logan. I thought he was more of a wing player.”

Chad Edwards

“Look it, I've done it their way this far and now it's my turn. I'm my own handler. Any questions? Ask me... There's not going to be any more handler stories because I'm the handler... I'm Doctor Spin.”

Dan Quayle

“Harper's a great ball handler, and we probably couldn't have done what we did in the second half if he had been in there.”

Floyd Griffin

“When Ruth Handler introduced Barbie in 1959, she didn't want any story attached to the doll whatsoever, because she wanted the girls to create it all out of their imaginations. Today, girls interact with story in a different way. They're used to watching television shows, they're used to having characters brought to life for them in dramatic ways.”

Chris Byrne

“Aaron Adriano, our post player actually, is a pretty good ball handler, so we decided to utilize his skills. We moved him up front. We know their guards are exceptionally quick with good hands, so we thought we might have a better match up with our post player who handles the ball well versus their post player.”

Dan Waterman

“She can shoot it and run the point. And she's a great ball handler.”

Dave Hiatt

“They are tenacious on defense. They get all over the ball handler, whether it's a double-team or triple-team. It will definitely be a challenge for us to take care of the ball and not give up too many turnovers.”

Charles Henke