Happen Related Quotes

“I don't expect that to happen again. There are so many plus points to talk about India and its very knowledgeable cricket fans.”

Andrew Flintoff

“If it did happen, there's nothing the players can do about it, but I ask the crowd to show a bit more respect than what's being shown to the South Africans right at the moment.”

Ricky Ponting

I was 16 years old, driving to LA, and sleeping in my car, just trying to make it happen.

Nick Cannon

“It isn't going to happen.”

Frank Hamblen

I drank the Kool-Aid of being a network star. Once it didn't happen, I realized it wasn't the best version of my comedy.

Mike Birbiglia

“I look for anything to happen.”

Rob Hafer

“When you have bad things happen to you, you have to grow. You have to take it, and (the Colts) gave it to us. But we can't take it anymore. We have to fight to see we do the best we can. And it's the ability to be competitive no matter who you're playing.”

Larry Coyer

“If a single introduction of a pandemic-capable strain is likely to happen, then multiple introductions are also likely.”

Marc Lipsitch

“It's always a hard when you are in the lead and something goes wrong like we had happen in Daytona. But we know we have a fast car and a great team behind us, so hopefully we can score some points with a really good finish here this weekend. It is a long season ahead of us and we know we have a lot of racing to do, but we'd like to get back into the battle points-wise starting with this weekend.”

Mike Borkowski

“They want to show their faces after things happen. In nighttime, you don't see the cops.”

Carolyn Martin