Happen Related Quotes

“You can't let that happen. They're tall, big guys. You've got to be physical.”

Anthony Schlegel

“Getting a lead is important. Most times you get turnovers, it's because you're behind and pressing to make something happen.”

Chan Gailey

“We didn't make the shots we needed to make. That's a young team. Those things are going to happen.”

Fred Jones

“Sir, we happen to be on a mullet hunt. Have you seen any mullets going this way?”

Angela Davis

“At the professional level, a lot of things that might happen to you in this league, you can't take that personally. Same thing goes outside these walls. Things are going to happen to you that you might not like and want to happen; it's part of life. You move on, you keep pushing forward. It isn't over till it's over, you know.”

Mike Anderson

“If we don't do what we need to do, who knows what might happen. Nothing is etched in stone.”

Emogene Middleton

“You have to make it happen.”

Denis Diderot

“I haven't had that happen.”

Stephanie Soddy

For 13 to be unlucky would require there to be some kind of cosmic intelligence that counts things that humans count and that also makes certain things happen on certain dates or in certain places according to whether the number 13 'is involved' or not (whatever 'is involved' might mean).

Douglas Hofstadter

“Three things can happen when you put a [foot]ball in the air -- and two of them are bad.”

Duffy Daugherty