Happens Related Quotes

“Unless something critical happens it's not going to happen.”

Linda Chu

“I don't think this raises any red flags. It's an intriguing thing but it happens to everybody. Everyone knows that the implementation of software can get tricky.”

Charles Payne

Be driven, be focused, but enjoy every moment, because it only happens once.

Alicia Keys

“Yeah, it's unfortunate stuff like this happens. Fortunately we can take care of this.”

Michael Wagner

“A reformation happens everytime you open the Bible.”

Darienne Hall

What happens in the mind of man is always reflected in the disease of his body.

Rene Dubos

No matter what happens on the field, getting an education makes you a winner.

Lou Holtz

If you don't have a vision, nothing happens.

Christopher Reeve

“Usually this happens after the mid-term election of the second term -- during the start of the seventh year of an eight-year presidency.”

Larry Sabato

“Judge, I beg, nothing good happens up there,”

Rusty Hardin