Harder Related Quotes

“It was much harder to watch as opposed to playing in the game. I was kind of going back and forth.”

Kobe Bryant

“That, combined with no job growth, makes it harder and harder for the Fed to pull the trigger in an election year.”

Cary Leahey

“easier to move, harder to find, more lethal, able to strike long distances in short times.”

Ken Bacon

“He works at it harder than most guys. He's one of those guys that is hungry to get better. He's got a desire, and I like his attitude.”

Gene Keady

“Johnny Pesky told me nobody hit the ball harder than Williams,”

David Ortiz

“It does make it harder. We didn't play well in this game and we didn't deserve to win. We have to find a way to win on this ground.”

Cameron White

“There are some holes on the course that I tried to hit my driver harder than I hit it all year,”

Stuart Appleby

“Most agree the present environment makes it harder to succeed with self-employment.”

Cynthia Morgan

“We're going to have to try to work a little harder. We're the best in South Carolina. Now I guess we'll have to try to be the best in the Carolinas.”

Chris Johnson

“It feels great to finally get him there. Last year, we lost, but we worked harder for many months to get here.”

Shareka Purnell