Harder Related Quotes

“We worked harder than I've ever seen.”

Warren Williams

“In general, guys can hit harder and get there faster. But we've been playing together so long, we know how to play a ball off the wall.”

Courtney Asdourian

“It was much harder to watch as opposed to playing in the game. I was kind of going back and forth.”

Kobe Bryant

“In the new NHL, it's a little harder to move you once you get in front of the net. We made a pretty conscious effort to get in front and try to score from there.”

Anson Carter

“Rubber for construction equipment tires, (Sheetrock) and some kinds of steel may also be harder to find or more expensive because of the storms,”

Ken Simonson

“No matter what happens regarding the outcome, it makes you a better player. You have to try harder, come up with shots you didn't know you had, and you have to expand your game.”

Kristen Palombo

“The more time Microsoft has, it makes it harder [for the government] to establish a remedy that would limit Microsoft's flexibility in selling Windows 98, ... Each month that goes by makes it harder to obtain effective relief.”

William Kovacic

“We made a statement. They just played harder in the first half, but we showed that a win at this point takes more than just playing. We got seven consecutive stops and scored five times and I knew we were going to win.”

Sam Cassell

“My brothers have not received any special treatment. They might even have been scrutinized a little bit harder because they are Judge Flores' sons.”

Christina Flores

“We want the next step, which is the states. We know it's going to be a harder tournament. We're going to learn from mistakes in this game. We had an 18-point lead and blew it because we didn't rebound. We know that and we're going to take that to the next game.”

Donald O'meara