Hardship Related Quotes

“We understand what a hardship this was.”

Geisha Williams

“I shower daily to feel clean but it's no use. The dirt of sin has already entered my blood.”

Afra Temizkan

“Every hardship; every joy; every temptation is a challenge of the spirit; that the human soul may prove itself.”

Elias A. Ford

“When you go through difficult times and painful circumstances, Do know that you are paying the price for a better life.”

Assya Moussaid

“You need to throw a little shit on the flower before it can grow.”

Eden Wine

“Putting yourself in others shoes, is how you will start to understand.”

Christopher William Spadi

“We all fight for one reason, to win. We share the same purpose and that's why we are brothers.”


“Seeing people cheering for him and hugging him was almost sickening. He deserved every hardship because it was an awful thing that he did. It wasn't accidental.”

Andrew Ference

“There is no success without hardship.”


“There is a greater perspective of hardship in the lives of those you help when you are in the trenches with them, and not soaring over them with lofty ideals.”

Sd Ward