Harm Related Quotes

At the root of all the harm we cause is ignorance.

Pema Chodron

Now, for pure bloggers, for individual people who are just posting their own thoughts, they would still run the same risk of saying something wrong or embarrassing, but they wouldn't harm their institutions by doing so.

Gregg Easterbrook

We will never disarm any American who seeks to protect his or her family from fear and harm.

Ronald Reagan

There are times when even justice brings harm with it.


The obvious danger is that in some situations [denial] can lead to procrastination in seeking help or to avoidance of action that might prevent harm.

Shlomo Breznitz

There may be few instances in which the superstition that only measurable magnitudes can be important has done positive harm in the economic field: but the present inflation and employment problems are a very serious one.

Friedrich August Von Hayek

There is no harm in doubt and skepticism, for it is through these that new discoveries are made.

Richard P. Feynman

“There was inspiration there. It was a movement with heart and soul that fought back against corporations doing harm to animals and the environment.”

Craig Rosebraugh

If my intentions were not to be read in my eyes and voice, I should not have survived so long without quarrels and without harm, seeing the indiscreet freedom with which I say, right or wrong, whatever comes into my head.

Michel De Montaigne

“I really don't understand what harm is done here,”

Antonin Scalia