Hate Related Quotes

“We have a common interest in confronting terror and violence and hate and crime that is committed in the name of any religion, and we want to isolate and marginalize those who would seek to kill innocents, ... And frankly, who better to do that than many of our American Muslims themselves, who have friends and family and groups in countries across our world?”

Karen Hughes

“i'd rather people hate me for who i am then have them like me for who im not”

Kurt Cobain

Hating is easy. It's loving that's hard

Morgan Llywelyn

“Whom men fear they hate, and whom they hate, they wish dead.”

D.h. Lawrence

Why do I hate people? Who else is there to hate?

Florence King

“out of everything to loose, the mind, is by far one of the most terrible.”

Kevin I.e2 Gboboh

Pent up anger brews into hate, which subsequently becomes a juicy revenge.

Natalya Vorobyova

We should not fail to hide our love for the one who fails to hide hatred

Munia Khan

“We have to stop this hate-mongering bureaucracy that we currently have.”

Gene Collins

“When you throw dung on our Virgin Mother, it is hate speech, ... It is the same thing as drawing a swastika on a synagogue.”

William Donohue