Hear Related Quotes

To a large degree I don't even like most metal music I hear.

Varg Vikernes

Slogans which deafened us so that we could not hear the truth.

Ernst Toller

“If this group has a proposal, we would like to hear what it is and give it serious consideration.”

Larry Macintyre

If you want to find your voice, you need to hear the voice of God.

Mark Batterson

“People used to complain to me all the time, 'I can't even hear you sing because your clothes are so loud.'”

Cyndi Lauper

When I hear of Schrödinger's cat, I reach for my pistol.

Stephen Hawking

If I fell down and hurt myself, I never cried. There was no one to hear me.

Louise Fletcher

“I know the compassion that these people have. But from listening here tonight the main issues I hear are quantity. But I'm most concerned about quality. This ordinance is not intended to go after people like you. This is intended for people not following the rules.”

Ward Ald

“I'll often hear the expression around the track that MRO has become the glue that holds the family structure together out here. And we feel like that's part of our ministry.”

Dale Beaver

I'm dying and all I hear are insults!

Charles M. Schulz