Heard Related Quotes

“Before, we had been leasing, and we always wanted to own our place. When we heard about Atlantic Grove, we jumped at the chance.”

Evelyn Jones

“I listened, I heard the concerns.”

David Wilkins

“Flip-flopping is kind of an easy thing to identify. During a recent convention, we heard an irate Senator make an angry speech declaring that it is not what you say but, rather, what you do that counts. You flip-flop when you make promises and fail to fulfill them.”

Frank Lautenberg

“I've never heard so many untrue things said with a such a straight face as this president has said.”

James Inhofe

“All I heard all week long was what I didn't do. I was real motivated.”

Steve Smith

“I was inside on the computer and ... all I heard was, 'Somebody stole my baby!'”

Elizabeth Morgan

“A national political campaign is better than the best circus ever heard of, with a mass baptism and a couple of hangings thrown in.”

Henry Louis Mencken

“Eric was on a bit of a mission. He heard me talk about Carmine all week to our hitters and he had to prove that he could match him.”

Clyde Metcalf

“There are many athletes out there who would covet an X Games gold over an Olympic gold. I've heard it come from athletes mouths - and I'm sure their agents are standing next to them smirking - but when you win an X Games medal, you are instantly afforded a reputation that perhaps you aren't afforded in the Olympics.”

Chris Stiepock

“I heard horror stories about this place but I really didn't know where it was or how to get there. I just heard it existed and that it was in really bad condition.”

Courtney Emken