Help Related Quotes

“I remember sitting up there in Kentucky just thinking I was so frustrated and mad that I wanted to help those guys out so bad. But now I get the opportunity.”

Carl Krauser

“It's a beautiful layout, ... I can't help but enjoy the course. It will challenge you, but will also reward good shots. They definitely have a gem here that could host almost any big event.”

Wayne Levi

“Treasure the gift of life, remember friends and family that reached out to help, remember the strangers whose lives were touched by the events, ... We must learn to go on with our lives as well.”

Robert Allen

“[Ramos and a dozen other campers spent the morning Aug. 27 harvesting pine cones with the help of employees of the U.S. Forest Service. Following them on their journey to the past was a documentary film crew from KVCR, a PBS station in San Bernardino. Daniel McCarthy, archaeologist with the U.S. Forest Service, was one of the invited guests who got to experience the harvest.] There were an awful lot of people who had never participated in that kind of cultural event before, ... It was rewarding to go along and share with that.”

Daniel Mccarthy

“Try not to go to the hospital if you can help it.”

Andrew Evans

“Manufacturing in the United States and in Georgia is in trouble without a lot of help. We believe this center is going to be a good portion of the answer we need.”

Mike Moye

Laughter can help relieve tension in even the heaviest of matters.

Allen Klein

“It will be an information-gathering period of time, where he will help in the transition. He may or may not be on campus. He will work at home and sometimes he may be on campus.”

Richard Katz

“All our Russian friends told us we would never be able to help. But through determination and a strong desire, we were able to realize our dreams of building a shelter and helping hard-core street children leave street life.”

Christina Greenberg

“It's great that our Russian partners are here to help us during this time. It would never have occurred without the tragedy of Columbia. So out of that tragedy has come a remarkable relationship between our two countries and our two space programs.”

William Gerstenmaier