Helped Related Quotes

“The Olympic committee helped us a lot with money and training camp. We had a lot of training of the highest quality together.”

Chiara Simionato

“I had a great four years. My teammates were great and the coaching staff helped me so much. I felt like I've grown as a basketball player and a person. You can't ask for much more than that.”

Cassandra Schultz

“He's like a big brother to me out there. He's helped me along since I've been here. But we're just going to try and move on.”

Cedrick Wilson

“I think the break helped. We had a few distractions and we weren't playing as well as we could. We needed to regroup and we did that. We had a great week of practice and we had a good game against Dallas. But it doesn't get any easier against Detroit.”

Mike Comrie

“It feels great just to know that we helped,”


“The first game wasn't the easiest for us. After we won that, it really helped our confidence.”

Courtney Lewis

“The swift outcome in the Middle East has helped quell consumers' short-term concerns. While an increase of this magnitude occurred after the Persian Gulf War in 1991, this post-war surge differs in that both components of the index posted gains.”

Lynn Franco

“Going through this has really helped me mature as a person. Instead of relying on my mom or my coaches to do things, I really started to do a lot of things myself. I thank God I had to go through the whole process with my grades and my SATs, because it helped build my character.”

Walter Watts

“There's a broad-based recovery in this market after Monday's dip in line with American markets and helped by a weaker rand.”

Ferdi Heyneke

“Last week we had stability in US Treasuries and that has helped emerging market spreads tighten. As long as that stability continues you will see at the very least similar stability in emerging market spreads.”

Christian Stracke