Helping Others Related Quotes

Happiness springs from doing good and helping others.


I know for a fact that I am not as fulfilled, happy or passionate about life if I have not spent time helping others.

Rachele Brooke Smith

God works through people by stirring their hearts and sometimes people never know how they are helping others.

Colby Buzzell

Sometimes healing comes after helping someone that is going through the same trauma you went through. Help yourself by helping others.

Ace Antonio Hall

I define myself by helping others. This is what I do.Those people who want me to abandon my husband are asking me to put myself first and to judge him. The poor man has been judged unfairly by others. Why would I abandon him in his greatest need?

Deirdre-elizabeth Parker

If you see life as an opportunity, or if you see helping others as an opportunity, then all of a sudden you become joyous. You want to go forward.

Sakyong Mipham

We lighten the loads of others best by helping the Lord strengthen them.

Henry B. Eyring

I believe that in this new world that we live in, we often have a responsibility, you know, to actually go beyond the thou shalt nots - that is, the not harming others - and say we can help others and we should be helping others.

Peter Singer

Some people feel good about helping others, and they do so often. They do not realize that their good deeds have a second agenda. They want to be appreciated.

Gary Zukav