Helps Related Quotes

“I hope that it helps. We usually have nine or 10 in double-figure (minutes). You hope in theory that it's going to help.”

Darrin Horn

“The greatest thing about this is getting the entire community involved, ... Every dollar helps immensely -- but this allows us to promote the Give Every Child a Chance and raise awareness in the community.”

Carol Davis

“You look at the animals' behaviors and what they've been through and you compare them to yourself and it helps. You're not alone in things.”

David Gore

“I always talk to kids. Sometimes hearing it from a different voice helps. I told him, you need to be on the floor and a force on the glass.”

Clark Kellogg

“Michael has grown a lot. He's 6 feet 2 and he's also a lefty so that helps him out. Our other seniors are solid and I'm excited about the way a couple of our sophomores (McLean and Hitchcock) are coming along.”

Andy Brunner

“The retail earnings are likely going to be strong and that helps the market.”

Michael Carty

“We produce Job Fair every year because we know it helps Georgians. The results are immediate. Last year more than 2,000 Georgians from all across the state called for help in finding jobs. Each of them had a chance to talk with a DOL volunteer in the studio and to schedule a visit with a career counselor. A big part of our GPB mission is to help improve the quality of life for Georgia families. That's why we are proud to be a partner in this valuable opportunity for our citizens.”

Nancy Hall

“When you have to run that race or get out on that mat, you're the guy. Boy, that helps. That just helps you develop that character and how you handle adversity.”

Dan Sabers

“Metrics allow this retailer to engage in meaningful conversations around the results and helps them solve problems, make improvements, and create stronger relationships.”

Chris Heim

“A musical movie is not something that can immediately appeal to a broad audience. Exclusive release helps to build the buzz.”

Sam Craig