Helps Related Quotes

“Every little bit helps you. With the big tournaments, you get tougher competition.”

Casey Mcdonald

“Tournament officials and CBS - which broadcasts the U.S. Open - determined that the new color scheme helps players, spectators and TV viewers keep their eye on the ball. Besides offering better ball visibility, the blue and green courts will also serve as a signature for the U.S. Open Series, the six-week summer tennis season of 10 major American tournaments linked to the U.S. Open.”

Lee Murray

“It's just a good cause. Everything we do helps raise money for something that is needed.”

Danielle Davis

“We're a little short in numbers up front, and I kind of played where I'm told. I do whatever helps the team.”

Shane O'brien

“This helps level the playing field.”

Paul Feldman

“Sarah and I talked about this, that it helps us. ...He's a strong-willed boy and he's always in a great mood.”

Chris Langston

“Ryan has been doing the same thing all season. He gets 15-16 ground ball outs per game which helps our defense.”

Greg King

“It helps to win that championship.”

Marv Levy

“I guess being a cop also helps. They better listen.”

Corey Medeiros

“I've said it after every feature, but I mean it...I can't believe we are doing this, ... It helps to start up front, and I got a good run on Chad (Blonde) on the start and got to the high side. It looked like in the B the track was taking rubber in some spots up top and I knew I had to get there before Byron (Reed) or I wasn't going to win.”

Andy James