High School Related Quotes

As a teenager at high school, I felt like an outsider.

Shawn Ashmore

I was born in Champaign in 1918. From the neighborhood elementary and intermediate schools, I went to the University High School in the twin city, Urbana.

James Tobin

Music was a way of rebelling against the whole rah-rah high school thing.

Adam Levine

Everyone thinks they went to high school with me. I take it as a compliment that I look different in every role.

Carrie Preston

In high school, I definitely fancied myself an intense guy, which is so lame.

Rob Delaney

“I took courses at USC in film editing and art direction and photography when I was still in high school.”

Ray Harryhausen

High school golf, college golf and the decade that followed all come back to me now as one big raucous, goofy gangsome.

Dan Jenkins

Prison is like high school with knives.

Raegan Butcher

How I dressed in high school is the way we dressed.

Jam Master Jay

I was put on a surfboard by a cute boyfriend in high school.

Marguerite Moreau